As engineers and entrepreneurs, we bring a fresh perspective to the mortgage investment landscape. We assume a partnership role with both our investors and clients, so that everyone comes out ahead. In every deal we fund, we are investing side by side with our investors.

We are creative with our custom financing programs and disciplined in our underwriting process to assist our borrowers in accomplishing their goals, while delivering consistent returns for our investors. It is the way business should be done in our view.

Mortgages exited to date: $475,302,436.23
Mortgage loans exited to date: 581

Dez Capital Mortgage Investment Fund returns for 2024:
Annualized Cash Return for Q1 was 9.43%
Annualized Reinvestment Return for Q1 was 9.50%

Golden Horseshoe
Real Estate Growth

The properties in the portfolio are exclusively located in the Golden Horseshoe Area enabling investors to leverage burgeoning growth in this asset class in one of Canada’s top real estate markets. In determining investments, the fund managers use highly researched decision-making parameters, careful data analysis, and due diligence to select and approve each mortgage and each borrower.

After successfully exiting from a tech company I co-founded, I was looking for the best way to preserve capital and get a good return. I wanted control and transparency in my investment portfolio. This led me to Asset Based Mortgage Lending and to establishing Dez Capital. In establishing the Dez Capital Mortgage Investment Fund, we now can offer our investment expertise to others while growing our capacity.

– Fariborz Fallah