Dez Capital is a Canadian non-bank mortgage lender specializing in residential, construction, development, and commercial loans in the Golden Horseshoe Area. We provide customized mortgages in amounts up to $10 million. Our goal is to be a financial partner with our clients and provide capital in ways that will guarantee success in their real-estate projects.


Capital preservation and consistent returns is our investment objective. We are highly disciplined in our underwriting and deal evaluation. We are creative in structuring custom financing programs to assist our borrowers in accomplishing their goals and bring strong consistent returns for our investors.

As engineers and entrepreneurs, we bring a fresh perspective to this field. We assume a partnership role with both our investors and clients, so that everyone comes out ahead. We recognize the intricacies of capital in real-estate projects having dealt with various projects as entrepreneurs; hence we provide flexible deals for our borrower clients.  At the same time, we are investing side by side with our investors in all the projects we take on. It is the way business should be done in our view.