Dez Capital was established in 2013 by three brothers. As founding partners, they set out to invest their own capital as private lenders in the burgeoning Canadian real estate market. Their objective was clear and straightforward – to achieve steady returns based on an acceptable and transparent level of risk.

As entrepreneurs, they had recognized an under-serviced financing market in real estate that demanded elevated capital investment and far more responsive service than that offered by traditional lenders.  Working primarily in residential mortgage lending in the Greater Toronto Area, they built a solid and diversified portfolio of real estate investments.  Over the years, the firm has achieved sustained growth predicated on data-driven business practices and innovative and streamlined administration.

Dez is known for its fast decision-making and financing turnaround, a reputation that is highly valued in real estate construction and development. The founders’ exemplary entrepreneurial and engineering backgrounds have contributed to solid investment decisions, ensuring the highest level of due diligence based on disciplined practices in real estate asset-backed lending.

Dez Capital has invested over $587 Million in approximately 669 mortgages. The current portfolio managed by Dez is $104 million.

Dez Capital – trusted lenders, partners in investment growth.


We look to maximize returns while preserving capital by executing our prudent mortgage lending strategy.

We approach our business relationship with integrity, transparency, and professionalism.

Our entrepreneurial background and experience in the real estate sector allows us to employ a progressive approach to real estate financing.

The Dez Capital Mortgage Investment Fund: consistent returns, capital preservation.

Buoyed by their own successful track-record, Dez launched the Dez Capital Mortgage Investment Fund in 2017. The fund enables investors to leverage growth in real estate for a projected, stable return with low volatility and capital preservation.

In its history, the firm has experienced consistent growth in assets under management and has gained valuable experience in mortgage origination, data analysis, fund management, governance, administration and investor relations. The firm has developed and implemented a unique, structured and data-driven approach to seeking investments, evaluating borrowers, projecting areas for real estate development opportunities, and managing and mitigating risk. A transparent, open and communicative way of conducting business, as well as a unique decision-making process have become hallmarks of the firm’s success.