About Us

Dez Capital Corporation is a newly-formed Canadian private lending firm focused on real estate financing. It is a family-run company focused on building long term mutually successful relationships with both its brokers and investors.

Its founders originally started out managing a family owned asset management and investment firm started in 1981. Over the past few decades, the founders have expanded their investments and experience across the sectors of manufacturing, technology, construction, and real estate. The real estate investment and financing branch became its own entity, Dez Capital Corporation, in 2011.

As the global economy heads towards recovery, Dez Capital is looking to expand its opportunities into new markets.


The Founders

  • Fariborz Fallah

    Fariborz Fallah holds a degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University. Fariborz has had wide-ranging experience as CEO implementing sound corporate governance in the hi-tech sector, manufacturing sectors and in large civil projects. He has also managed large scale projects and has sought and negotiated financing in several technical sectors. He is the President and Managing Director in charge of setting the strategic direction of the company. He is very involved in all aspects of the business from overseeing contractual agreements to identifying new markets.

  • Foroud Fallah

    Foroud Fallah holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. His previous experience has been in optimizing engineering and production processes. He has led the implementation and commissioning of projects in manufacturing and construction. He has also designed and implemented the automation of front-end and back-end systems in the services industry, and manufacturing sector. Foroud has a very strong background in computing and analysis. His responsibilities include technical assessments and implementations.

  • Faramarz Fallah

    Faramarz Fallah, P. Eng., holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has worked in the field of business consulting with Andersen Consulting in streamlining business processes. He was instrumental in productizing a technology prototype to market and promoting the product worldwide. Faramarz has also managed a business turnaround in the service sector, by posting a profit in less than one year after taking charge. He is responsible for finding and assessing new business opportunities, identifying sectors experiencing growth, and managing customer accounts.